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Viral Content Bee Review 2018 – How To Use Viral Content Bee To Grow A HUGE Audience

Today I want to introduce you to one of the BIGGEST SECRETS in social media marketing, “Viral Content Bee“.

In this Viral Content Bee review I’m going to explain why I believe EVERYONE using social media to grow an audience, market products and services or grow a business NEEDS to use Viral Content Bee.

It’s the goal of every online marketer to be able to create content that goes viral. But the problem is, it’s one of the hardest things to accomplish when it comes to marketing online.

Until now…

What is Viral Content Bee and How Does It Work?

Viral Content Bee is a platform for social media influencers to be able to produce content and have that content re-shared by other social media influencers.

When you join Viral Content Bee you’ll need to add your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and StumbleUpon.

Once you’re accounts have been verified you can earn credits. You earn credits by sharing other’s content through your social media accounts and then you can use these credits to have other’s re-share your content through their social media accounts.

Watch this brief video that highlights Viral Content Bee:

So here are some tips for using Viral Content Bee…

Top Tips For Success With Viral Content Bee

  1. Create good quality content
  2. Use “Branded” graphics
  3. Use targeted #Hashtags in the #Twitter description
  4. Be ACTIVE and share other’s posts daily
  5. Be ENGAGING by “liking” and thanking other’s when they share your posts
  6. Use Viral Content Bee daily (Even if you haven’t created content that day)

Here’s another short video on this amazing service:

Lavell Frost

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