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From The Desk Of Lavell Frost
-Seattle, WA

Dear Entrepreneur, Future Success Story...

We are very excited to have you join the fastest growing team with MCA. One of the main reasons for our growth and success is because we have made it a priority to remove all the possible barriers that could prevent you from achieving your goals.

With that said let me tell you about how you can get started with us building your own MCA business on complete autopilot with ZERO RISK and COST!

Here’s How It Works:

When you join MCA the cost is $40, which covers the first and last month for your membership. Well from time-to-time on a first come, first serve basis we allow 10 people to join and get FULLY REIMBURSED their $40 membership fee, as long as you are willing to use that money to invest in your business and sign-up for our team rotator.

When you join the team rotator we have an exclusive arrangement with a top traffic source that delivers the highest quality leads direct to your referral link. We also have additional traffic sources we use to insure each person gets a generous amount of leads each week. The goal is to deliver 3 paid sign-ups per week to each level 1 participant in the rotator. That’s $240 in weekly PASSIVE INCOME earnings or more. The higher level you start at the more traffic and leads you receive.


You decide what level you want to start at and pay the weekly fee, a minimum of $40 and you get leads delivered to your link for that week (7 days). You can continue or stop anytime you wish, if you want to go to a higher level you MUST cancel your subscription for your current level and re-sign at the new level. You can also roll-up your profits to increase your traffic and buy into the rotator at a higher level, which is how most of our reps explode their earnings so fast WITHOUT spending any more money.

*Billing is sent each FRIDAY for the following week. If you want to cancel or re-enroll at a higher level it must be done by midnight THURSDAY!

Rotator Levels And Pricing...

The cost and levels are as follows:

Level 1 - $40 (all level pricing per week)

Level 2 - $80

Level 3 -  $120

Level 4 - $160

Level 5 - $200

Level 6 - $240

Level 7 - $280

Level 8 - $320

Level 9 - $360

Level 10 - $400

Here’s How To Start:

To get started just click the button below, choose the level you want to start at and pay the fee.

If you have any questions or issues contact the team manager Lavell Frost, send an email to: lavellfrost@gmail.com and put in the subject line “PRO TEAM ROTATOR”. He will reply as soon as possible.

REMEMBER: if you decide to join the rotator then you are reimbursed your $40 membership fee with MCA which will come from you sponsor. So, you are getting into MCA at NO COST PLUS you are insuring your business gets the highest targeted traffic and leads you need to quickly build you a weekly passive income stream.



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