Lavell Frost - I'm a strategic thinking entrepreneur, influencer, success coach, online marketing consultant, cryptocurrency investor, digital product creator and author who has trained/coached and empowered thousands of students around the globe helping them transition from "wage slaves" into entrepreneurship and a lifestyle of ultimate freedom.


I'm Lavell Frost and I'm here to show you how I can help you accomplish everything you desire in business and life.

But first let me answer some questions you may have and get them out of the way.

Personally I currently run several online businesses making a full-time income from home.

I've been a serial entrepreneur most of my life and started my first profitable offline business at the age of 22.

I think that's enough of that because I bet what you really want to know is...

"Can this guy really help me and is this worth my time and attention?

My answer to that question for MOST of you reading this is - NO!

But for some of you MAYBE.

Here's why...

My experience has taught me there are basically two types of people in the world.

People who wait for things to happen for them and people who make things happen.

If you're someone who makes things happen then I may be able to help you.

But if you're not...


My experience has also taught me that most people who are looking to make money online believe it's the way to "get rich quick".

It's NOT!

Don't feel too bad if you feel that way, because that's exactly what first attracted me to the internet almost 20yrs ago.

I had already launched a couple successful offline businesses that made me financially independent at a young age but I wanted an easier way to become super rich and thought the internet was the way.

I found out rather quickly I was WRONG! It's NOT EASY and it takes WORK, SERIOUS WORK!

Fortunately through alot of trial and error and almost going broke, yep... that's right. I almost lost everything.

I discovered there is a right system and formula for everything you do when it comes to the internet.

I discovered you can learn how to work SMARTER and NOT HARDER and if you're willing to put in 10-15% more effort to learn to do things the RIGHT WAY...

You can have and live the lifestyle of your dreams using the Internet.

So if you're willing to commit to learning how to do things the RIGHT way and put in the extra effort then...

I'm the guy who can help you accomplish your goals and dreams much faster than you ever could before.

Here's What You Can Expect From Me...

I'll teach you SIMPLE but POWERFUL marketing strategies and methods for free that you can implement into your business right now and see almost instant results.

How Do I Know If This Stuff Really Works?

Well I've been blessed and fortunate to have been trained, mentored and studied under THE BEST in the industry.

People like Rich Schefren, Frank Kern, Ryan Diess and Jeff Bullas just to name a few, who are all recognized leaders in the industry.

I've taken some of what I've learned, a little bit of the best from the best and improved upon it.

I've developed an efficient and unique system that enables anyone to build an online business that gives them a predictable and consistent stream of passive income that grows and grows every month.

But If you really want to be sure it works for you then feel free to check out my free course and If you find value, then you'll probably want to see about working with me in my coaching program.

Here's What I Can Do For You...

My main goal is to help you take your business to the next level and help you build a business that allows you to make more money while working less.

I'll help you generate traffic on demand that will bring a massive amount of traffic to your offers for free.

I'll help you position yourself so that your perfect customers will seek you out. You'll learn how to become and influencer.

I'll help you create an automated selling system that will do all the telling and selling for you.

Finally, I'll help you achieve ULTIMATE FREEDOM...

After all isn't that what we really want?

So, if you're interested check out this exclusive offer I have for you and let's see if we're a good fit for each other.


My Motto

  • Enjoy Life

    Enjoy life, it’s the only one we have.

  • Help People

    Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

  • Make Money

    Successful people attract money because they do things money loves.

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