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6 Reasons Why You Want To Build An Information Marketing Business

I get this question asked a lot, “What’s the best online business to start?”

My answer is almost always . Here’s why…

When it comes to making money online, one of the easiest ways to making big profits with minimal costs is by creating a high quality information product.

In fact, you can create your first information product within just a few days, and develop a sales process to accept payment and automatically deliver your product each time a sale is made.

So today let’s talk about 6 reasons why you’d want to build an information marketing business and the benefits:

6 Benefits Of Having An Information Marketing Business

  • It allows you to use leverage in several ways.                                                                                                       

No matter if you work for someone else or you’re a professional selling your services by the hour or by the job, you’re only being paid for what you produce. When you stop producing, you stop getting paid. You’re still trading your time for dollars.

One of the remedies to this is hiring employees to increase the amount of product you can sell but it also comes with downsides. Employees can leave and take good clients with them. Then you have liability issues even if the employee does a good job. And believe me there are hundreds of ways an employee can get a business owner into trouble. It can be even more work and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re just a glorified adult babysitter, with more work and aggravation.

With an information marketing business, you can create a product once, and you’re done. It can take work to create the product, but you can sell it many times over and over again, often over a period of several years, without having to do any additional work. And if learn to do what the professionals do and work with templates creating products can even be time saving because that’s all you’ll really have to focus on.

Creating an information marketing business is a great way to leverage your own time, knowledge and skills in a way that few other businesses allow.

With an information marketing business, you already possess inside you everything you need to create a new product. You don’t need a bunch of experts or newfangled distribution methods. An information marketing business allows you to take the information, the secrets, the techniques, the knowledge you already know, and leverage all of it. You’re simply multiplying yourself the easy way.

  • Create great products and buyers will keep coming back for more.

If you do things the right way and create good products, ones that solve a problem your customers are facing, the people who buy your information product will buy other information products from you, whether they’re products you create yourself or products you license from others.

You can partner or JV with other information marketers to sell your products, we call them affiliates. You can even pay them to create products for you. Once you find a customer who wants information about a particular subject, if you provide a solution to them, that customer can become a lifetime customer and continue to buy information from you on that subject.

Building repeat business helps you further leverage yourself. You should first focus on who your dream customer or client is and once you identify them, making that first sell to them. Then that first product can be used to sell them other information products. Once you’ve gotten a customer, you’re going to be able to sell that customer many things as long as you continue to provide high-quality information at the right price.

  • Personal or one-on-one selling is not needed.

One of the best things about the information marketing business is that customers are already used to purchasing this kind of products online or through the mail. This means you can work at home and you don’t have to worry about customers showing up at your door to buy your new book.

You can create products and sell them online from anywhere in the world you are, your beach home or as you vacation around the world. As long as you’ve got a way to create a product, you don’t have to be in any particular location for people to buy it. Not only is this very convenient, but it means you have very little overhead when it comes to needing an office space.

  • No staff or a bunch of employees needed.

The information marketing business is a terrific business because it can be run as a one man or one woman shop. Top earning info-marketers have learned how to “outsource” almost all the work to independent contractors, especially to help maintain the customer database, ship products, and handle customers’ questions. Using “outsourcing” you can run an extremely profitable business that makes well over $1 million a year with very little staff and very little operating overhead.

  • It takes little to no money to get started.

The information marketing business doesn’t require a lot of equipment, fancy offices, furniture or multiple computers. It doesn’t require special licenses (in most cases) or special education or degrees. You just need the information and knowledge you already possess and know how to use leverage to your advantage.

Here’s how you can start. Identify a market that already has demand and a lot of buyers looking for solutions. Then simply create information products that provide the solution and introduce your solution to that market. Create a system to deliver your product to the market and reinvest your profits to scale the business up. If you have the opportunity to find a mentor who will help you, you can follow a proven plan and turn a small investment in huge profits. People who follow this model almost never fail.

  • There’s a large profit potential.

Many top info-marketers earn 6, 7, and even 8 figure incomes through their information marketing businesses. They research potential customers, find out what those customers already want, offer them a solution, and then continue to sell their products over and over. This is a business again that’s completely scalable; you can make it as small or as large as you want.

But don’t think an information business is some get-rich quick scheme. You still have to work but you can work smart not hard. The good news is, if you put in the necessary work, you can eventually replace any other income you get on your regular job pretty quickly. It takes only a small investment, and if you stay focused and committed for at least a year…you can put yourself in the position to live a dream lifestyle for the rest of your life.

If you’d like a to get started in your own information marketing business then I’m willing to help.

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