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5 Ways To Boost Your Traffic With Content

If I was to take a survey of all the business owners with a website on the internet and ask them “What’s the biggest problem facing your online business today?” I can guarantee you the 1 answer would be…

“How can I generate more traffic to my website?”

The reason why I know this to be true is because there have already been many studies done to prove this.

Well in this post I’m going to explain and give you 5 ways to generate traffic to your website with content.

Traffic Is The Lifeblood Of Any Online Business

We all know and have heard that traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

Especially targeted traffic.

If you can’t generate targeted traffic then you have no leads.

Without leads you have no sales.

And with no sales, you have NO BUSINESS.

Using the methods I’m going to share with you today, you should be able to increase your traffic by 2x’s, 3x’s and even 10x’s from where it’s at right now.

1 Mistake To Avoid

One of the biggest mistakes most business owners make is they start out listening to the wrong people.

They focus on trying to create great content when they should be focused on created the RIGHT content.

What’s the difference you ask?

The RIGHT content is simply…

  • Content that generates traffic, leads and sales for you.
  • Content that gets you targeted traffic from Google.
  • Content that establishes YOU as the expert. Someone people like, trust and want to buy from.
  • Content that is the foundation and allows you to build your business on top of.

Generate Traffic On Demand With The Right Kind Of Content

No matter what type of business you run online one of the things you need to focus on daily is finding or creating content that delivers targeted traffic.

The amount of search engine traffic you get is directly related to…

  1. Your ability to find low-competition, high-converting keywords

  2. Your ability to create popular and authoritative content around those keywords

  3. Promoting your content so that people link to it from authoritative, relevant sites.

In order to do this here are 5 ways you can increase your traffic today:

  • Find and then try to rank for keywords your customers are searching for daily. It’s the basics of seo, keyword research.
  • Find the Influencers In your niche. Every niche has them, people that everyone else reads their stuff.  You want to find them and write content these INFLUENCERS will love and share as well as your target audience. The reason? High quality backlinks and social shares.
  • Find out what they care about. In order to get influencers to share your content you need to know what they care about the most.
  • Once you know what they care about the most, the next step is to create content around that subject. When you create content make sure it’s appealing to the influencers.
  • When you create content make sure to include social triggers like social. Social currency is the idea that we like to share things that make us look good.

When you create this kind of content you’ll increase your chances that it will generate for you plenty of backlinks, shares and traffic.

Whats’ The Next Step?

Understand that you can totally do this. There’s even tools that can assist you with some of the research.

The last thing to remember is…you DON’T even have to create all this content, you can simply curate it!

Now go out and start getting more traffic.

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